Spring assisted rising butt hinge


A rising butt hinge 10 comprises a first leaf 11 pivotally connected to a second leaf 15 by way of a hinge pin. The hinge pin is anchored to the first leaf 11 and the second leaf 15 is mounted on the pin via a sleeve 16. A cam surface 19 on the first leaf interacts with a cam surface 20 formed on the sleeve 16 so that the second leaf is moved axially upwards on the pin as it is swung to the open position. A coil spring 23 is mounted about an extension of the hinge pin and seats within a bore 18 formed in the second leaf 15. The spring 18 acts on the second leaf 15 to resiliently bias it towards the closed position. A cover may be provided which moves with the spring so as to maintain coverage of the spring regardless of the position of the second leaf relative to the first leaf. <IMAGE>




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