Head support for a coffin


A head support 10 for a coffin 12 has a top surface 14 with a head holding aperture 16, and in use at a least part of each lateral side 22 of the surface 14 fits the dimensions at the head of the coffin. The support 10 may comprise a sheet member 18 inclined in use and having a U-shaped aperture 16, each limb 20 of the U ending in a point 24, the member 18 being of a material, for example chipboard, which is hard so as to penetrate, in use, the soft wood of the coffin. The lower end 26 of the sheet member 16 may similarly comprise two points (not shown). The support may alternatively comprise a block of, for example, dense foamed material, with a cranial shaped recess in an inclined top surface. The top surface 14 may have a textile or other covering. <IMAGE>




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