Apparatus for dispensing drinks


Apparatus 2 for dispensing drinks comprises a closed vessel 7 which is of transparent material, and formed decoratively in the form of a glass. Fresh orange juice is chilled and circulated continuously through the vessel 7, from which it may be drawn off as desired, via a tap 12. With the apparatus 2 on a bar, customers see a glass full of orange juice and, because the juice is chilled, condensation forms on the outside of the glass and falls into a drip tray 9. The continuously circulating drink is returned to the bottom of a large reservoir 3, at an inlet point which is immediately adjacent a refrigerating coil at the base of the reservoir. This causes turbulance in the reservoir to mix the drink. A hose may be connected to the outlet of the reservoir to enable the inside wall of the reservoir to be cleaned by recirculation of cleaning fluid. <IMAGE>




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