Process for the preparation of hydrocarbons


Syngas with a H2/CO mol.ratio between 0.25 and 1.0 is converted into hydrocarbons by contacting it with a mixture of a cobalt-containing Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and a Cu- and Zn-containing CO-shift catalyst. In this mixture the two catalysts are present in such amounts that the following relation is met: 0.5 x 2-F DIVIDED 1+F < M < 5 x 2-F DIVIDED 1+F, M being the (cu + Zn)/Co atomic ratio in the catalyst mixture and F being the H2/CO mol.ratio in the syngas. The Co-containing catalyst comprises 3-60 pbw Co and 0.1-100 pbw Zr, Ti and/or Cr per 100 pbw silica and/or alumina.




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