Two-way envelope


The envelope made up from a one piece blank 20 comprises front and back panels 22,23 joined along three sides thereof to form a container. A first sealing flap 26 is joined along a perforated line 25 to the free side of the front panel and a return sealing flap 31 is joined along a first fold line 24 to the free side of the back panel. The front panel is preferably larger than the back panel, and the front panel is formed with a fold line 33 spaced a predetermined distance from the perforated line so that the distance from the outer fold line to the bottom of the front panel is greater than the distance from the bottom to the top of the back panel. The return sealing flap 31 is inwardly folded upon itself to permit a larger return flap to be carried within the envelope during the first mailing. At least one crimped portion 35 is provided in the return sealing flap to facilitate the handling of the flap by the first addressee. <IMAGE>




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