Double-electric-hoist trolley and crane



The invention relates to the technical field of hoisting equipment, and in particular relates to a double-electric-hoist trolley and a crane. The double-electric-hoist trolley comprises two end beams and two supporting seats, wherein the two end beams are arranged in parallel, and cross beams are fixedly connected to two ends of the end beams; a main running mechanism is arranged on the cross beams; the two supporting seats are arranged at intervals between the two end beams; at least one supporting seat can move in the extending directions of the end beams; the upper surfaces of the two ends of the supporting seats are arranged on the end beams; downward mounting grooves for mounting electric hoists are arranged in the middles of the supporting seats. With the adoption of the double-electric-hoist, the technical problems of inconvenient adjusting of relative positions of the electric hoists and high requirement on factory building height in the prior art can be reduced.




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