Method for safely and efficiently producing sand-like alumina from aluminum ash



The invention provides a method for safely and efficiently producing sand-like alumina from aluminum ash. The method comprises the steps as follows: 1) aluminum ash is added to a sodium aluminate to react with the sodium aluminate solution, then solid-liquid separation is performed, a first-section digestion liquid and aluminum ash residues are obtained, and hydrogen and ammonia gas are comprehensively utilized; 2) alkali and an additive are added to the aluminum ash residues, raw slurry is obtained, and thus chlorine and fluorine elements are prevented from entering tail gas; 3) the raw slurry is sintered and clinker is obtained; 4) the clinker is added to an adjustment liquid for digestion, and second-section digestion slurry is obtained; 5) the first-section digestion liquid and the second-section digestion slurry are mixed in a Bayer process digestion slurry dilution system for production of the sand-like alumina by the Bayer process system. Nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine, hydrogen and other harmful elements in the aluminum ash are disposed safely, the concentration of organic matter in a Bayer process solution is decreased, and aluminum components are recovered efficiently and economically; for the aluminum ash, the method has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, low cost and the like; for the Bayer process system, the yield is increased, the solution is purified, and the production efficiency is significantly improved.




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