Method and system for evaluation based on scenes



The invention relates to the field of computer technologies, discloses a method and system for evaluation based on scenes, and aims to achieve coupling, accuracy and entertainment of occupational interest evaluation. The evaluation method comprises the steps that a scene tree is set, and mapping relations between each tree-shaped nose and occupational interest are established; except for a scene on the endmost end of the scene tree, entrances of at least two differentiated subordinate scenes for a user's selection are correlated to each of the other superior scenes; according to a tree-shaped structure of the scene tree, related scenes can be displayed and output stage by stage so as to be selected by the user; and according to a scene route selected by the user, the mapping relation between the tree-shaped node and occupation interest can be searched, so the user's occupational interest evaluation result can be obtained. According to the invention, the corresponding nodes in the scene tree are correlated with the occupational interest, so the user can present the true self stage by stage through switching of the coupled scenes in the relaxing and entertaining scene, so the more accurate evaluation result can be obtained; and the coupling, accuracy and entertainment of the occupational interest evaluation can be enhanced.




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