Automatic hot press for label



The invention relates to the field of label processing devices, in particular to an automatic hot press for a label, and solves the problem that when being manufactured, a conventional label machine is likely to press and scald a hand. The automatic hot press comprises a machine frame and a stamping mechanism arranged on the machine frame. The hot press further comprises a turntable mechanism and a taking mechanism. The turntable mechanism is arranged on the machine frame and is used for conveying materials. The taking mechanism is used for taking away stamped products. The turntable mechanism comprises a turntable and a cam cutter. The turntable does an intermittent rotation motion. The cam cutter drives materials on the turntable to stop moving when the materials are rotated to a quartered part of the turntable each time. An output shaft of the cam cutter is connected with the turntable. Four material toolings used for positioning materials are arranged on the turntable, and are uniformly distributed along a circle. The stamping mechanism and the taking mechanism are sequentially and correspondingly arranged above one material tooling. The automatic label hot press has the advantages that a feeding area, the stamping mechanism and the taking mechanism are separated by the turntable mechanism, safety accidents are avoided, and besides, a rotary feeding way is adopted, and the production efficiency is improved.




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