Method for recovering noble metal from waste noble metal catalyst



The invention discloses a method for recovering noble metal from a waste noble metal catalyst. Precipitates can be formed by added sodium sulphide and activated carbon and noble metal ions separated from carriers in the use process, then the precipitates are adsorbed to activated carbon, part of noble metal is prevented from being lost, and the recovery rate is increased; the activated carbon and organic matter are removed through high-temperature combustion, the size is reduced, and beneficial conditions are provided for subsequent noble metal dissolution; smashing is conduced for enlarging the reaction area and improving the reaction completion rate; due to the dissolution by means of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, the situation that other impurity elements are brought into a final solution and influence the direct use of the noble metal salt solution can be reduced; the method is easy to operate, the recovery extraction rate of noble metal is greatly increased, and the recovery rate can reach 99.0% or above; compared with a traditional noble metal recovery method, the emission of harmful gases is reduced, the pollution to the environment is reduced, and the method is worthy of popularization.




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