Menthone-modified cellulose fiber and preparation method thereof


  • Inventors: SHAN ZHUANLEI
  • Assignees: 山传雷
  • Publication Date: November 09, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-106087091-A


The invention provides a menthone-modified cellulose fiber which is characterized in that the content of fiber menthone is 2.0-4.2%; the fiber dry breaking strength is 2.25-3.88 cN/dtex. The invention further provides a preparation method of the menthone-modified cellulose fiber. The preparation method is characterized by comprising a step of preparation of a stabilizing solution; the step comprises the following sub-steps: heating an ethanol solution of which the concentration is 60-65% to 60-65 DEG C, quickly adding a prepared buffer component into the heated ethanol solution under a stirring condition, and carrying out ultraviolet irradiation and ultrasonic treatment to obtain the stabilizing solution. The content of fiber menthone in the menthone-modified cellulose fiber prepared according to the preparation method is 2-4.2%; due to the content of menthone in the cellulose fiber, the structural performance of the cellulose fiber can be protected better on the premise of guaranteeing other functions.




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