Method for preparing iron nitride magnetic powder through low-temperature plasma nitriding



The invention relates to a method for preparing iron nitride magnetic powder through low-temperature plasma nitriding. The method comprises the following steps that atomized iron powder, hydroxy iron powder or reduced iron powder of which the average particle size is 2-80 microns is used as a raw material; O2 is introduced, and the raw material is oxidized for 1-10 h at 300-400 DEG C to obtain ferric oxide powder; hydrogen is introduced, the ferric oxide powder is reduced for 4-20 h at 300-400 DEG C to obtain iron powder; the low-temperature plasma nitriding temperature is controlled to 120-200 DEG C, and the low-temperature plasma nitriding time is 1-30 h; and the nitrided iron powder is cooled to room temperature in a furnace, and a sample is taken out. Low-temperature plasma nitriding is conducted, the bottleneck problem that the ammonia dissolving efficiency in the ammonia nitriding method is low is solved, and the nitriding efficiency is effectively improved.




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