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DE-1271857-B: Verfahren zur Herstellung chromhaltiger Azofarbstoffe patent, DE-1287417-B: Positioniervorrichtung patent, DE-1301228-B: Schlauchfilter fuer die Staubabscheidung aus Gasen patent, DK-153234-B: Hydraulisk tandhjulsmaskine af planettypen patent, DK-155776-B: Laegemiddelafgivningsorgan med forlaenget frigoering af laegemiddel, og fremgangsmaade til dets fremstilling patent, GB-2180658-B: Apparatus for forming composite images patent, GB-2194127-B: Cigarette filter patent, GB-2198561-B: Ac-dc converting apparatus having power factor improving circuit patent, GB-2206950-B: Divided flywheel patent, GB-2216169-B: Improvements in or relating to tools patent, GB-2231118-B: Pipeline replacement patent, GB-2241115-B: Multiple-beam energy transmission system patent, GB-2255078-B: Paper discharging apparatus patent, GB-2259250-B: Radiology kit patent, GB-2260125-B: Container and tamper evident closure patent, GB-2262040-B: A dental implant patent, GB-2263102-B: Bottle security device patent, GB-2264063-B: A cue rest patent, GB-2270127-B: Bearing assembly patent, GB-2281169-B: Image transforming apparatus patent, GB-2289477-B: Improvements in and relating to beer and other beverages and a method of dispensing beer and other beverages, particularly lager patent, GB-2292737-B: Personal perfume carrier patent, GB-2293880-B: Oscillator unit patent, GB-2302222-B: Method of and apparatus for driving switched reluctance motor patent, GB-2306965-B: Aqueous spray compositions patent, GB-2309656-B: Improved gyratory crusher patent, GB-2312925-B: Fuel-injection valve for internal combustion engines patent, GB-2317015-B: Gas appliances patent, GB-2324312-B: Tufting machine pattern yarn feed mechanism patent, GB-2328238-B: A device for fixing a window glass, particularly the window glass of a motor vehicle door to a glass support patent, GB-2329407-B: Chemically induced stimulation of subterranean carbonaceous formations with aqueous oxidizing solutions patent, GB-2332598-B: Method and apparatus for discontinuous transmission patent, GB-2342679-B: Method and apparatus for the offshore installation of multi-ton packages such as deck packages and jackets patent, GB-2347489-B: Generic external portable cooling device for computers patent, GB-2353277-B: Freight container patent, GB-2376696-B: A drainage system patent, GB-2397168-B: Method and device for collecting particulate contaminants during CO2 blasting decontamination patent, GB-2404657-B: Process and apparatus for melting inorganic substances patent, GB-2410162-B: Spread spectrum acquisition patent, GB-2410732-B: Pulley block patent, GB-2422224-B: An anti-phishing system patent, GB-2422997-B: Method, apparatus, system, and article of manufacture for grouping packets patent, GB-2433482-B: Vertically aligning slackless drawbar patent, GB-2433791-B: Systems and Methods for Control of a Vehicle patent, GB-2437559-B: Low complexity noise reduction method patent, GB-2437875-B: Skin care composition comprising L-carnosine and N-acetylcysteine patent, GB-2438257-B: Receiving apparatus having a low quiescent current patent, GB-2445294-B: Method for proactive synchronization within a computer system patent, GB-2449191-B: Belt driven and roller assisted media transport patent, GB-2456232-B: Real-time, bi-directional data management involving conversion of formats and communication protocols patent, GB-2460000-B: Carbon dioxide sequestration and capture patent, GB-2461205-B: Power cutoff device automatically operated upon occurrence of spark on electric wire patent, GB-2461512-B: Can crusher patent, GB-2465918-B: Rhythm action game apparatus and method patent, GB-2469276-B: Improved injection moulding of plastics articles patent, GB-2470526-B: Actuatable subsurface safety valve and method patent, GB-2470539-B: Tubular member having self-adjusting valves controlling the flow of fluid into or out of the tubular member patent, GB-2476421-B: Reduced waste cleaning methods for oil well related systems patent, GB-2476898-B: VSP imaging of acoustic interfaces patent, GB-2477051-B: Electronic document reader patent, GB-2478957-B: A controller and control method for a motorised vehicle patent, GB-2483424-B: 5-Phenyl-[1,2,4] triazolo[1,5-A]pyridin-2-yl carboxamides as jak inhibitors patent, GB-2488287-B: Optical sensor having a capillary tube and an optical fiber in the capillary tube patent, GB-2490086-B: Fibre optic monitoring installation, apparatus and method patent, GB-2510302-B: ECU utilising a variable slew rate to modify a PWM signal patent, GB-2513253-B: Spheroidal graphite cast iron and method of manufacturing the same patent, GB-2513360-B: A container for receiving valuable items patent, GB-2516535-B: Vehicle traction control patent, GB-2520876-B: Communication terminal apparatus and antenna device patent, GB-2523663-B: Drive head for detachable connection of a drive with a rotor of a centrifuge, kit comprising such a drive head, and centrifuge patent, GB-2530414-B: Rail welding apparatus patent, GB-2531918-B: Igniter assembly for a combustor of a gas turbine engine patent, GB-2538829-B: Preventing entry via nightlatch without removing key patent, CN-101044508-B: Cache efficient rasterization of graphics data patent, CN-101785636-B: 大容量手压切挤式蒜泥器 patent, CN-101865309-B: Main valve of four-way reversing valve and four-way reversing valve using same patent, CN-102020131-B: 卷轴装置 patent, CN-102066095-B: 具有交错端部的增强件的补片 patent, CN-102074586-B: 快速恢复二极管 patent, CN-102102721-B: 具有非变形直线部的便携终端机用弹簧以及具备该弹簧的铰链组件和便携终端机 patent, CN-102223982-B: Abrasion resistant composition patent, CN-102257697-B: 具有延长的搁置寿命的生命安全装置 patent, CN-102272469-B: 多层轴承 patent, CN-102281561-B: 一种无线网卡测试装置及测试方法 patent, CN-102308044-B: 使用超声的asa乳化 patent, CN-102347975-B: 提供终端使用者内容的导航系统及架构 patent, CN-102359329-B: 门 patent, CN-102386118-B: 基板粘合装置以及基板粘合方法 patent, CN-102421581-B: 用于模具系统的腔插入件和具有可变形部分的所述腔插入件 patent, CN-102448123-B: 无线传感器网络中基于节点性能的任务分配算法 patent, CN-102459999-B: 太阳能供电的照明装置 patent, CN-102518133-B: Pile sinking method for prestress hollow pipe piles by aid of follow-up sleeve patent, CN-102530246-B: 用于制动/驱动飞机轮子的设备 patent, CN-102542987-B: Pixel drive circuit and display circuit patent, CN-102555159-B: 应用于汽车内饰件注塑工艺中的料斗 patent, CN-102567771-B: 一种智能卡操作方法、智能卡、终端及系统 patent, CN-102595216-B: Method and system for acquiring key patent, CN-102603649-B: 一种以地巴唑为先导分子的荧光探针化合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-102610380-B: 用于旋转变压器的电气组件及其制造方法 patent, CN-102611074-B: 热保护模块 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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