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CN-102788565-A: Measure system and measure method for adjusting coaxiality of support plate patent, CN-102788837-A: 一种多功能超导带材临界电流均匀性无损连续检测装置 patent, CN-102792842-A: Planting method of switchgrass in alkaline land patent, CN-102812868-A: 多功能育种箱 patent, CN-102817951-A: Split design method for thickness of automobile leaf spring patent, CN-102818443-A: Vertical dryer patent, CN-102825386-A: 一种移载传动机构 patent, CN-102828544-A: Water storage tank with cleaning nozzle patent, CN-102836763-A: Grinding head lining plate with reinforcing rib patent, CN-102838610-A: Bisindole dioxabicyclo octanedione patent, CN-102844261-A: 电梯呼梯登记装置 patent, CN-102847943-A: Method for manufacturing magnetron molybdenum end cap through die forming patent, CN-102848329-A: 一种单把手特殊两爪夹持钳 patent, CN-102860390-A: 一种桑叶减肥茶及其制备方法 patent, CN-102861877-A: Die-casting technique of sand core patent, CN-102869934-A: Improvements in or relating to cooling patent, CN-102871175-A: Nutritious drink for moistening lung and arresting cough and method for preparing same patent, CN-102883636-A: 厨房模块 patent, CN-102893132-A: A device and a method for processing signals which represent an angular position of a motor shaft patent, CN-102894357-A: 一种具有抗衰老提高免疫力作用的保健品 patent, CN-102895029-A: Medical bipolar surgical electrode and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-102901202-A: 空调器及其干式表冷器 patent, CN-102910034-A: Independent suspension drive axle housing assembly for heavy-duty truck patent, CN-102924514-A: Triphenylamine-containing organic semiconductor material, preparation method and applications thereof patent, CN-102926113-A: 有梭织机的圆筒布内撑幅装置 patent, CN-102941808-A: Modified oil-electricity hybrid device for transmission-shaft vehicle patent, CN-102943559-A: 一种高层建筑外墙喷塑装置 patent, CN-102963175-A: Wear-resistant ruler patent, CN-102972224-A: 一种工艺花盆 patent, CN-102973861-A: Preparation method and quality control method of sugar-free compound fructus momordicae antitussive particles patent, CN-102976969-A: 一种提高脂肪二羧酸二酰肼类成核剂收率的制备方法 patent, CN-102991374-A: 一种电动汽车电机控制器被动整流保护系统 patent, CN-102992581-A: Large thermal power combination tank furnace for producing basalt continuous fibers patent, CN-102998007-A: 双极性偏压的apd单光子探测系统 patent, CN-103015259-A: Making method for bulking book paper patent, CN-103019055-A: 液体显影剂、显影剂盒、处理盒、成像装置和成像方法 patent, CN-103028954-A: 一种恒流恒压复合的浮动静压导轨及其控制方法 patent, CN-103029769-A: Two-wheel horizontal differential-driven one-seat electric vehicle patent, CN-103032186-A: 用于取消节气门位置传感器的系统和方法 patent, CN-103032627-A: Valve stem seal patent, CN-103068938-A: 含有成膜树脂组合物和填料的表面处理剂及其用途 patent, CN-103072320-A: Reclaimed plastic composite enhanced foaming mold plate and production method patent, CN-103076977-A: Method and system for triggering information transmission in standby mode patent, CN-103083488-A: 一种用于治疗骨病的中药组合物及其制剂 patent, CN-103089917-A: Lantern ring and inhaul cable structure patent, CN-103121887-A: Preparation method of 1,3-indandione compounds patent, CN-103132361-A: Papermaking device and papermaking method patent, CN-103133583-A: Plastic composite spring for vehicle suspension and apparatus and method for manufacturing the same patent, CN-103134992-A: 绝缘阻抗估计装置及估计方法 patent, CN-103137422-A: Rare gas fluorescent lamp patent, CN-103138096-A: 光伏连接器 patent, CN-103141427-A: 一种易排水鱼缸 patent, CN-103143870-A: External support welding tool of shielding cylinder connecting nozzle and use method of external support welding tool patent, CN-103144696-A: 具有五轮结构的电瓶车 patent, CN-103154496-A: 半管形叶片式空气旋流器 patent, CN-103160328-A: 煤干粉气化装置 patent, CN-103166390-A: Strand transposition method in stator bar of large-scale hydraulic generator patent, CN-103166605-A: 一种多相非交叠时钟电路 patent, CN-103169086-A: 一种中药胶原蛋白颗粒 patent, CN-103170754-A: Railway box van dragging beam assembling welding process patent, CN-103174225-A: 阻燃聚氨酯或酚醛蜂窝保温芯材及其基芯制备方法 patent, CN-103175298-A: Energy-saving environment-friendly heating boiler patent, CN-103183161-A: 用于传送容器贴标签用装配件的设备 patent, CN-103187402-A: 测试结构及其形成方法、冲洗工艺的冲洗时间判定方法 patent, CN-103187882-A: High-power vehicular rectifier bridge and fabrication method thereof patent, CN-103201764-A: Parallel image processing using multiple processors patent, CN-103206341-A: 一种风车 patent, CN-103206707-A: Fuel volatile atomizer for low-power heater and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-103224061-A: Bag taking device patent, CN-103224804-A: 一种配比澳洲弱粘煤的炼焦方法 patent, CN-103225811-A: 加压流化炉系统及其控制方法 patent, CN-103235869-A: 基于海洛因成瘾模型的大脑回路因果作用关系分析方法 patent, CN-103240762-A: Tube cutting device in PVC (polyvinyl chloride) tube production line patent, CN-103244708-A: 一种阀门的改进结构 patent, CN-103250779-A: 香椿加工方法和香椿加工设备 patent, CN-103253212-A: Ventilation cover board decorative part and automobile patent, CN-103260492-A: Center-feed roll unit and dispenser incorporating such center-eed roll unit patent, CN-103262365-A: 旋转连接器装置 patent, CN-103286643-A: 一种折弯块的研磨工艺 patent, CN-103305381-A: Flower-fruit wine and production method thereof patent, CN-103316932-A: 一种钢带活套套量计算系统 patent, CN-103318466-A: 一种自动套膜装箱机 patent, CN-103319754-A: 用于混凝土输送泵活塞的短纤维橡胶的粘合剂及制作短纤维橡胶方法 patent, CN-103324783-A: 基于边折叠的lod模型实时生成方法 patent, CN-103326328-A: 包含可控开关的灭弧装置及灭弧方法 patent, CN-103339881-A: Optical transmitter and method of transmitting optical signals patent, CN-103341331-A: 餐厨垃圾处理设备中的循环送料搅拌箱 patent, CN-103359590-A: Lift car type elevator with oxygen system patent, CN-103360308-A: 1,4-dyhydroxy-6-methyl-2-pyridine ketone compound, and preparation method and use thereof patent, CN-103366023-A: Differential signal routing line distributing system and differential signal routing line distributing method patent, CN-103372555-A: Method for cleaning lens packing plates patent, CN-103389605-A: 显示装置 patent, CN-103395625-A: 一种盘类零件淬火线自动进料装置 patent, CN-103403354-A: Methods and systems for maintaining a high vacuum in a vacuum enclosure patent, CN-103406315-A: 一种路灯自动清洗机 patent, CN-103422120-A: Electrolytic aluminium system adopting non-grid multi-energy collaborative power supply patent, CN-103423996-A: High-temperature aging tube explosion testing furnace patent, CN-103437737-A: Method for water plugging for petroleum well with oil phase microparticle plugging agent patent, CN-103438797-A: Method and system for on-line detection of transformer winding deformation patent, CN-103453061-A: 一种轨道车辆的弹簧装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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