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CN-102058465-A: 单自由度脚踝康复训练装置 patent, CN-102079558-A: 一种微电解反应器 patent, CN-102080297-A: 无梭织机的折入方法及装置 patent, CN-102096917-A: Automatic eliminating method for redundant image data of capsule endoscope patent, CN-102102623-A: 风力设备的空气声学的转子叶片和以此装备的风力设备 patent, CN-102109615-A: Amplitude compensation method and device for seismic data processing under condition of true ground surface patent, CN-102115801-A: Method for producing high-quality spheroidal graphite cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron prepared thereby patent, CN-102134915-A: Open steel box used for jacking and filling concrete cushion blocks patent, CN-102148194-A: 薄膜晶体管、液晶显示面板及其制造方法 patent, CN-102152723-A: Lifting device for hill hydraulic machinery patent, CN-102166724-A: Improved fuzzy PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controlled longitudinal and transverse mixed grinding method based on Kalman filtering patent, CN-102169113-A: Verifying device and method for online sulfur hexafluoride hygrometer patent, CN-102175994-A: Receiving phase reference made weather radar patent, CN-102177831-A: 自动控制式植物节水保水装置 patent, CN-102180054-A: 水晶玻璃笔筒 patent, CN-102189788-A: Printing device and printing method patent, CN-102194227-A: 图像属性判别装置及方法、属性判别支援装置及控制方法 patent, CN-102201324-A: Method and system for manufacturing semiconductor patent, CN-102205306-A: Method for improving surface weather fastness of organic material patent, CN-102219172-A: 剪叉式升降装置的检修安全支撑装置 patent, CN-102220776-A: Wheel type excavator chassis patent, CN-102221093-A: 止水栓 patent, CN-102248148-A: Centrifugal die for composite coating of wear-resistant ball patent, CN-102251553-A: 自动储水器 patent, CN-102261404-A: 盘式制动器 patent, CN-102268353-A: 一种枸杞酒及其制作方法 patent, CN-102279358-A: MCSKPCA based neural network fault diagnosis method for analog circuits patent, CN-102279843-A: 处理短语数据的方法以及装置 patent, CN-102287885-A: 带自动吸尘的双转轮式蒸发冷却与机械制冷复合空调机组 patent, CN-102287993-A: 冰箱 patent, CN-102296952-A: 连采机分体式行走架体 patent, CN-102308600-A: 广播组播业务数据传输方法及装置 patent, CN-102313816-A: 自动分析装置 patent, CN-102347601-A: Power protection circuit patent, CN-102354428-A: Novel alarm module patent, CN-102380839-A: Dustproof structure of ratchet spanner patent, CN-102381269-A: Automobile bumper energy absorption box with stable performance patent, CN-102410091-A: Device and method for protecting tail gas recycle valve from scaling patent, CN-102421968-A: 铺筑块预加应力装置及相关方法 patent, CN-102425170-A: 一种模板底口水下封闭方法 patent, CN-102428244-A: 保护柔性立管的方法及其设备 patent, CN-102439923-A: Universal service transport transitional encoding patent, CN-102444913-A: Gas-stove and ejecting system thereof patent, CN-102458169-A: Improvement for a shoe, in particular for a sports shoe patent, CN-102458451-A: 血红蛋白组合物 patent, CN-102469901-A: 具有可拆卸的盖的吸尘器 patent, CN-102475412-A: 拉杆 patent, CN-102478448-A: Frequency and time synchronous display coordinating system patent, CN-102489729-A: Heavy numerical control horizontal type lathe tailstock patent, CN-102492636-A: Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain and method for selecting saccharomyces cerevisiae strains expressing activated xylose translocator patent, CN-102493736-A: Single door capable of being opened in two directions patent, CN-102494017-A: Bearing with inner ring serving as sleeve piece patent, CN-102507549-A: 一种测定水溶液中苯胺浓度的方法 patent, CN-102512170-A: 一种搭载式小型雷达生命探测仪 patent, CN-102514665-A: Lightweight portable bicycle with small wheel diameters and capable of being folded vertically patent, CN-102520088-A: 富硒禽蛋中硒形态的测定方法 patent, CN-102525333-A: 室内自动检测清洁机器人 patent, CN-102527517-A: 超声负氧离子净化火电厂烟气pm2.5颗粒装置 patent, CN-102531898-A: Method for producing 4,4-difluoro cyclohexyl formic ether by using counter cyclohexanone formic ether through fluorination patent, CN-102533308-A: Device for recovering ionic liquid catalyst used for transesterification of vegetable fat patent, CN-102541060-A: Device and method for determining real-time position of stacker and reclaimer to avoid collision accidents patent, CN-102553937-A: 一种五机架冷连轧机组基础自动化控制系统 patent, CN-102554061-A: Workpiece holder device for fixing a board-shaped workpiece, in particular a metal sheet to a workpiece movement unit of a machine tool patent, CN-102556010-A: 一种工程机械车辆及其支腿 patent, CN-102557536-A: 一种用于滨海相软土的固化剂 patent, CN-102559114-A: Conductive adhesive, and circuit board and electronic component module using the same patent, CN-102560930-A: Production method of wool/Coolmax/mulberry silk/polyester fiber blended fabric patent, CN-102572283-A: External synchronous signal card and image collection system for linear array camera patent, CN-102572544-A: 在数字电视网络中播放广告的系统及方法 patent, CN-102577889-A: 地上空间古树保护方法 patent, CN-102587633-A: 空间桁架式附着升降脚手架 patent, CN-102598980-A: Method for using Bacillus thruingiensis fermentation liquor to adjust protective enzymes in Festuca arundinacea patent, CN-102601367-A: Heat treatment method of radiation or multi-pole orientation magnet ring patent, CN-102612744-A: Electronic device submounts with thermally conductive vias and light emitting devices including the same patent, CN-102616290-A: 可拆装式骨架车 patent, CN-102616661-A: 一种起重机用禁止带载伸缩的控制方法和系统 patent, CN-102620442-A: Solar heat collector based on groove type parabolic mirror and artificial blackbody patent, CN-102636756-A: 基于电压衰减的汽车电池soc估计 patent, CN-102637298-A: 基于高斯混合模型与支持向量机的彩色图像分割方法 patent, CN-102652894-A: Acid-base tail gas recycling device patent, CN-102653739-A: Method for producing inulin fructose transferase by use of yeast expression system patent, CN-102659455-A: Field fast production method of lawn grass strengthening biological fertilizers patent, CN-102664552-A: Double drive-feet rectangular piezoelectric plate type linear ultrasonic motor patent, CN-102668748-A: 农田残膜回收机 patent, CN-102673708-A: Headset group capable of adjusting front fork angle patent, CN-102691701-A: 连接桥 patent, CN-102698922-A: 自动涂胶机 patent, CN-102706995-A: Method for extracting plasticizer in plastic packaging materials patent, CN-102716329-A: Tortoise shell TCM preparation for curing sweat syndromes and preparation method patent, CN-102722119-A: 汽车ecu刷写设备 patent, CN-102727262-A: Single-cut sealing device for laparoscopic surgery patent, CN-102729563-A: Easily degradable paper-like novel high-barrier packaging film for UHT liquid milk patent, CN-102738478-A: Three-dimensional proton conductor based single electrode and fuel cell membrane electrode as well as preparation methods patent, CN-102751558-A: Nine-block automatic unfolded folding type parabolic antenna patent, CN-102751612-A: Mobile phone cassette with double subscriber identity module (SIM) cards patent, CN-102763632-A: Slide cartridge type winch traction boom sprayer and pesticide spray method thereof during travelling patent, CN-102780658-A: Extraction method and device for time domain signal impulse response patent, CN-102780787-A: 一种远程控制登录的方法及系统 patent, CN-102785063-A: High-precision machining method of precision centrifuge measuring plane patent, CN-102788171-A: Frequent-flushing-preventive faucet and pipeline connection method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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