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CN-104922880-A: Multifunctional climbing stick patent, CN-104925728-A: 一种自动装米酒设备及其加工方法 patent, CN-104938805-A: Additive for increasing laying rate of ducks patent, CN-104938942-A: 一种利用绿豆加工预煮液制作营养面条的方法 patent, CN-104947018-A: Multi-port slagging furnace nose used for hot galvanizing and using method thereof patent, CN-104949672-A: Base station signal searching and navigating method and base station signal searching and navigating system patent, CN-104952181-A: Indoor anti-theft system based on Hall sensing monitoring patent, CN-104953939-A: Automobile solar device patent, CN-104957714-A: 预防老年期脑神经元损伤的复方西洋参精油饮品 patent, CN-104964441-A: Hot air furnace patent, CN-104972126-A: 交变磁场中金属/陶瓷梯度材料的压滤成型制备方法 patent, CN-104972135-A: Synthesis method for near-infrared fluorescent probe copper nano-cluster and application of synthesis method patent, CN-104978748-A: 一种基于局部像素值的液晶屏缺陷检测方法 patent, CN-104981303-A: 挤出机容器及用于挤出机容器的罩 patent, CN-104981331-A: 用于吹塑具有增加拉伸比的热灌注容器的方法 patent, CN-104985591-A: 六自由度转动和移动完全解耦并联机构 patent, CN-104990486-A: Workpiece verticality detection device patent, CN-104996057-A: Indoor flower planting system capable of remotely controlling fertilization and irrigation patent, CN-104996248-A: Seedling protection method for direct seeding and orchard constructing of red jujubes in windy desert area patent, CN-104999121-A: 用于加工机架导板的方法及刀具 patent, CN-105000119-A: 一种防前翻自行车 patent, CN-105003110-A: Parking equipment utilizing bottom layer space for parking through transporting trolley patent, CN-105007737-A: 3-alkyl-5-fluoro-4-substituted-imino-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1h)-one derivatives as fungicides patent, CN-105016052-A: Target-point parking type production line transmission equipment patent, CN-105020361-A: Hydraulic-drive indirect-meshing locking differential with damping structure patent, CN-105023001-A: 一种基于选择性区域的多行人检测方法及系统 patent, CN-105030410-A: 一种低温装置 patent, CN-105032812-A: 对石油钻杆进行清洗的设备 patent, CN-105033616-A: Pressing-in device of crankshaft belt pulley patent, CN-105034421-A: Conveying method and conveying device of rubber member patent, CN-105041501-A: 柴油机及活塞 patent, CN-105041651-A: Compressor and air-conditioning system with same patent, CN-105047410-A: 多层陶瓷电容器的制备方法 patent, CN-105048896-A: Brushless DC motor direct torque adaptive fuzzy control method patent, CN-105054644-A: 一种可喷雾室外座椅 patent, CN-105059830-A: Scraper conveyor patent, CN-105066323-A: Recognizing method and air conditioner patent, CN-105071075-A: 一种电动汽车传导充电用连接插头 patent, CN-105074872-A: Lattice mismatched heterojunction structures and devices made therefrom patent, CN-105077156-A: 一种咸蛋黄香精的制备方法 patent, CN-105078571-A: Corrugated type radiofrequency ablation guide tube with wall-adherent adjusting wire and equipment thereof patent, CN-105080866-A: 一种擦丝机及擦丝方法 patent, CN-105081240-A: Horizontal vibration crystallizer patent, CN-105083818-A: Variable caliber trash can patent, CN-105085346-A: L-menthol P2Y12 receptor antagonist containing amino groups and application of L-menthol P2Y12 receptor antagonist patent, CN-105094305-A: Method for identifying user behavior, user equipment and behavior identification server patent, CN-105096722-A: Teaching device of roof separation observation of tunnel and usage method patent, CN-105098717-A: Contactor protection method and device patent, CN-105102943-A: 利用行程时间原理的填充水平测量的方法 patent, CN-105111369-A: Elastic microspheres applicable to deep profile control of oil field and preparation method of elastic microspheres patent, CN-105124917-A: Concave-convex table patent, CN-105128493-A: 一种空气能光伏组件层压机及其层压方法 patent, CN-105131650-A: Dispersed sapphire blue dye composition with high dyeing degree patent, CN-105132917-A: Two-acid yellow-fume-free polishing additive and polishing solution patent, CN-105135146-A: Pipe opening plugging device patent, CN-105135975-A: 手机配重块内孔检测工具 patent, CN-105150833-A: Oil drainage catapulting safety system for fuel tank of car patent, CN-105151481-A: Multifunctional tea box patent, CN-105156461-A: Float-type rated load ball transfer unit device patent, CN-105159369-A: Measurement and control method and measurement and control apparatus of intelligent greenhouse patent, CN-105161909-A: 一种拆装维护便捷的建筑机械的电源线连接锁定装置 patent, CN-105164395-A: Fuel-injection system patent, CN-105169662-A: Golf bag with rollers and supporting rods in linkage folding and unfolding patent, CN-105171870-A: Fireproof and anticorrosion soaking liquid for bamboo strip modification, and use method thereof patent, CN-105173080-A: 一种会腾飞的中华龙 patent, CN-105177403-A: Chromium-molybdenum-copper alloy rare earth casting grinding ball and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105182698-A: Exposure Apparatus And Device Manufacturing Method Using Same patent, CN-105186912-A: 一种两级式非隔离全桥并网逆变器 patent, CN-105188487-A: 用于形成饮料的饮料生产系统、料盒和方法 patent, CN-105192797-A: 一种夏日清热祛湿饮料 patent, CN-105196611-A: Auxiliary regulating mechanism for color scale detection patent, CN-105198247-A: 利用烧结脱硫灰渣制备全尾砂胶凝材料及方法 patent, CN-105200599-A: 一种吸湿透气耐用舒适混纺纤维 patent, CN-105203317-A: 一种测量活塞阀开度的方法及活塞阀 patent, CN-105203988-A: Automatic testing method of interferometer system direction finding accuracy patent, CN-105207458-A: 换流器装置 patent, CN-105211878-A: Low-energy high-dietary-fiber health-care rice for big meals patent, CN-105215859-A: Sand blasting device for silicon wafers patent, CN-105216783-A: Hybrid vehicle patent, CN-105218879-A: Environment-friendly tread rubber for all-steel engineering radial tire used in desert patent, CN-105220547-A: 一种全自动钢丝绳加捻和退捻装置 patent, CN-105223462-A: Fixed detection device for electronic board patent, CN-105237250-A: 一种绿色化肥 patent, CN-105238606-A: Betel nut alcohol-free beer and preparing method thereof patent, CN-105240008-A: Marble blind mining rope saw guiding device patent, CN-105244123-A: Manufacturing method, cabling equipment and intertwisting device of superconducting cable patent, CN-105251707-A: Defective goods eliminating and sorting device based on medical infusion visible impurity detecting system patent, CN-105259752-A: Load distribution method, device and system for device cluster patent, CN-105261102-A: 智能门 patent, CN-105262280-A: Novel internal circulation oil cooling motor patent, CN-105264196-A: 直喷式柴油发动机 patent, CN-105269971-A: Tank patent, CN-105274429-A: 一种合金丝的生产方法 patent, CN-105277320-A: 一种漏液探测传感器及系统 patent, CN-105278453-A: 卷材生产中幅宽方向均匀性的调整方法及调整设备 patent, CN-105280577-A: 芯片封装结构以及芯片封装结构的制作方法 patent, CN-105283144-A: 机器人操纵器系统 patent, CN-105294644-A: 一种聚合级丙交酯的制备方法 patent, CN-105303018-A: Risk assessment method for item of nuclear power plant patent, CN-105304049-A: Liquid crystal display device and crosstalk defect control method of same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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