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CN-102996771-A: 偏心摆动型减速装置 patent, CN-102998574-A: 车用驱动发动机的旋转变压器的故障检测系统 patent, CN-103007516-A: Walking roller skating device patent, CN-103008443-A: 料片冲压装置 patent, CN-103008963-A: 提高同轴度的装夹系统 patent, CN-103011527-A: Enhanced oxidation-MBR (membrane bioreactor) treatment method of caprolactam production wastewater patent, CN-103016011-A: Method for blocking water by grouting wall of auxiliary vertical shaft of sandstones with medium water permeability patent, CN-103016972-A: Linear light source device and planar light source device patent, CN-103023693-A: 一种行为日志数据管理系统及方法 patent, CN-103036970-A: 一种页面内容订阅方法和系统 patent, CN-103038438-A: 用于控制自由悬挂管的运动的方法和系统 patent, CN-103042182-A: 一种保温覆盖剂 patent, CN-103045303-A: 一种冷冻机油基础油的制备方法 patent, CN-103045569-A: Method for improving production efficiency of cellulase by adding highly polymerized xylose patent, CN-103046967-A: 一种涡轮气冷叶片 patent, CN-103047508-A: Material conveying system and pipeline switching device thereof patent, CN-103048789-A: 一种产生长距离近似无衍射栅型线结构光的光学系统 patent, CN-103052706-A: 生产作为生物柴油原料的富油微藻的方法 patent, CN-103059057-A: 四氟化硅、乙醇和镁制备硅酸乙酯和氟化镁的方法 patent, CN-103061468-A: Solar heat collection wall patent, CN-103064174-A: 投影镜头 patent, CN-103066569-A: Storage battery low-voltage protecting device and storage battery low-voltage protecting system patent, CN-103069233-A: Refrigeration device and method for producing the same patent, CN-103070288-A: Lactating sow feed and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103072953-A: Method for directly preparing sulfate and ferric oxide by ferrous sulfate patent, CN-103084300-A: 多自由度防盗门喷涂机器人 patent, CN-103084649-A: Device and method of cutting motor electrode patent, CN-103085720-A: 车辆用后视镜装置 patent, CN-103091728-A: 水力压裂次生声波模拟方法和压裂裂缝监测技术评价方法 patent, CN-103107364-A: Low-temperature type lithium ion battery electrolyte and lithium ion battery patent, CN-103109392-A: 蓄电装置 patent, CN-103109398-A: 石墨烯-二氧化钛电极 patent, CN-103122782-A: 一种内燃机尾气净化装置的改进设置 patent, CN-103124667-A: Electric assist device patent, CN-103130939-A: Production method of propylene/1-butene random copolymer patent, CN-103138502-A: High-speed alternator rotor and manufacture method thereof patent, CN-103140396-A: 操作电控闸系统的方法和根据该方法操作的闸系统 patent, CN-103141861-A: Method for making spiced chicken patent, CN-103150266-A: Improved multi-core shared cache replacing method patent, CN-103150558-A: Machine vision-based display terminal operation response matching detection method patent, CN-103155348-A: Charging apparatus patent, CN-103157782-A: Three-axis association full-automatic casting machine patent, CN-103161138-A: 用于管涌溃坝试验的压力自平衡式触发装置 patent, CN-103161741-A: Circulating fan and air ducting thereof patent, CN-103162148-A: 一种led灯管 patent, US-4463473-A: Vacuum cleaner patent, CN-103162957-A: Magnetic gear testing platform patent, CN-103165758-A: 一种基于逆扩散的太阳能电池选择性掺杂方法 patent, CN-103169613-A: Electric hot compress health-care waistband patent, CN-103172256-A: 退火装置 patent, CN-103172997-A: Low-density polyphenylether/polystyrene (PPO/PS) blend alloy material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103186432-A: 终端和终端异常关机的处理方法 patent, CN-103192060-A: Die coolant system with an integral and automatic leak test patent, CN-103194903-A: 防水卷材胎基布用整理剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-103195012-A: Terrain manufacture rack for ecological river channel model patent, CN-103195023-A: 一种用于桥墩防撞击的预警和防护方法 patent, CN-103196391-A: Quick surface shape detection method of annular concave aspheric surface near to paraboloid patent, CN-103216670-A: 曲柄 patent, CN-103219737-A: Coordination control method applied to flywheel energy storage matrix system of wind power plant patent, CN-103221871-A: 显示装置 patent, CN-103223025-A: Medicine for treating gastritis and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103237949-A: Spacer profile and insulating pane unit with a spacer profile of this type patent, CN-103242837-A: Polyacid micro/nano-crystal fluorescent film with crystal orientation and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103256972-A: 称重系统及称重方法 patent, CN-103266666-A: 一种竹结构预应力转换接头 patent, CN-103270182-A: Aluminum alloy foil for electrode current collectors and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-103270295-A: Wind turbine alternator module patent, CN-103272157-A: 中药组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-103279881-A: 生成二维码、跟踪广告、网络互动的方法以及系统 patent, CN-103282192-A: Device for embossing foils patent, CN-103291046-A: 一种地砖处理工艺 patent, CN-103295501-A: 支持手写输入的信息发布系统和终端机、信息发布方法 patent, CN-103300476-A: Blended type cigarette production method patent, CN-103300876-A: 用于野外环境的医疗方舱的辐射分级防护方法 patent, CN-103307142-A: Surface contact type overrun clutch patent, CN-103317244-A: Automatic gantry type reinforcing rib welding machine patent, CN-103319256-A: 一种草甘膦-麦草畏的混配制剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-103321369-A: 混凝土墙面用抹灰砂浆 patent, CN-103324141-A: 一种高精度变插补周期的多轴联动运动控制方法 patent, CN-103325019-A: Event-driven power grid fault information judgment method patent, CN-103332599-A: Device for monitoring lateral displacement of crane boom and method thereof patent, CN-103336509-A: Wheat four-condition monitoring and scheduling system patent, CN-103344801-A: Power line carrier communication isolation device for intelligent electric meter patent, CN-103348160-A: Shock-absorbing bearing comprising a profiled insert patent, CN-103349179-A: Laying hen raising period complete feed patent, CN-103352922-A: 一种多唇密封轴承 patent, CN-103356375-A: 声控无手人捶背装置 patent, CN-103357508-A: 一种白云鄂博尾矿中浮选萤石的方法 patent, CN-103361933-A: 洗衣机用门锁装置 patent, CN-103362257-A: 一种屋面暗设排气孔施工工艺 patent, CN-103366115-A: Safety detecting method and device patent, CN-103374241-A: Integrated powder modification production process patent, CN-103375203-A: Turbine component cooling system patent, CN-103375975-A: 正反向热风往复循环式加热烘干炉 patent, CN-103379095-A: 一种垃圾消息举报信息共享方法、系统和业务服务器 patent, CN-103384561-A: Pressure wave generator with movable control rod for generating a pressure wave in a medium patent, CN-103387932-A: Dry-type anaerobic reaction treatment device patent, CN-103391124-A: 信道状态信息的配置方法、反馈方法、基站和终端 patent, CN-103392051-A: Polycrystalline compacts having differing regions therein, cutting elements and earth-boring tools including such compacts, and methods of forming such compacts patent, CN-103394818-A: Rope flexible connection welding method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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