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GB-2343387-A: Electrostatically enhanced gas solid contact apparatus. patent, GB-2343463-A: Disposable toilet bowl liner patent, GB-2348965-A: Method and apparatus for detecting leaks patent, GB-2349186-A: Brake device for a collapsible stroller patent, GB-2351625-A: Wavelength selective power level control using a plurality of attenuators patent, GB-2353681-A: OFDM symbol synchronisation patent, GB-2361738-A: Window opening mechanism patent, GB-2364686-A: Tagging of aircraft luggage patent, GB-2367788-A: Etching using an ink jet print head patent, GB-2370937-A: Motion compensation of images in the frequency domain patent, GB-2371767-A: Dissolving materials by application of agitation and ultrasound patent, GB-2377818-A: Flash memory array and a method and system of fabrication thereof patent, GB-2380619-A: Wiring harness for sliding car door patent, GB-2381566-A: Adjusting eccentric weight vibrator patent, GB-2384950-A: Mobile communication system in which a wireless link control is performed by processing an acknowledged mode wireless link control protocol. patent, GB-2385315-A: Improvements in or relating to valves for dispensers patent, GB-2388590-A: Material Feeder patent, GB-2393063-A: Image scanning using a meandering scan path patent, GB-2394898-A: An eyelid margin wipe patent, GB-2395807-A: Information retrieval patent, GB-2396538-A: An apparatus and method for quantizing the phase of speech signal using perceptual weighting function patent, GB-2398113-A: Computer pointing device having a sliding member and sensing tilting of a pivotal link patent, GB-2399435-A: Using generic user name and password to generate a token to access a service. patent, GB-2400378-A: Agitating cell cultures with a magnetic field patent, GB-2401709-A: Variable message display accessory for microphone patent, GB-2409083-A: Tyre deflation monitor patent, GB-2427176-A: Vehicle floor with integral load securing formations patent, GB-2429572-A: Display apparatus patent, GB-2430315-A: Improved I/O cards and card arrangements for I/O devices patent, GB-2430355-A: Double sun lounger patent, GB-2437470-A: Multi-motor switched reluctance traction system patent, GB-2441561-A: Man-overboard alarm system using RFID tags patent, GB-2447362-A: Receive clock deskewing method,apparatus and system patent, GB-2448570-A: Folding stand for laptop computers or other devices patent, GB-2448722-A: Power supply having universal serial bus socket patent, GB-2464423-A: Method for manufacturing organic electroluminescence device patent, GB-2466039-A: Deriving A View From An Object At A Location Within A Volume patent, GB-2476087-A: Compact laminated ultra-wideband antenna array patent, GB-2482942-A: Raised loft flooring system patent, GB-2483354-A: Flat cutting edge for a cutting tool patent, GB-2489075-A: Substrate for integrated circuit and forming method thereof patent, GB-2491529-A: Pipe connector device patent, GB-2493023-A: Wind turbine foundation with pontoons patent, GB-2496335-A: Finger digit for robotic hand patent, GB-2496945-A: Collapsible stackable support apparatus for garments patent, GB-2505400-A: Text to speech system which outputs expression/emotion patent, GB-2513754-A: Angular downstream guide vane sector with vibration damping by means of a wedge for a turbine engine compressor patent, GB-2514372-A: Quench Protection System for a Superconducting Magnet patent, GB-2516964-A: Improvements in and relating to packaging apparatus patent, GB-2519284-A: Charitable donation payment collection system patent, GB-2520364-A: Device and method patent, GB-2520918-A: Unique user identifying vehicle control and security device patent, GB-2526135-A: Tip geometry patent, GB-2532671-A: Patient support patent, GB-2533610-A: Fuel unit pump and internal combustion engine comprising it patent, GB-2534300-A: Multiple piston pressure intensifier for a safety valve patent, GB-2540414-A: Tyre pressure sensor device patent, GB-2543004-A: Internal combustion engine gas exchange valve hydraulic actuator patent, GB-2545858-A: Multiple application orifice steam trap apparatus patent, GB-2546666-A: Optical computing device diagnostics and treatment patent, GB-2550312-A: Running fluid for use in a subterranean formation operation patent, GB-2551856-A: Extraction disc patent, JP-2003081745-A: Base for hair cosmetic and hair cosmetic using the same patent, JP-2005305630-A: 結束バンドの形状変えを備えた携帯容器 patent, JP-2006076948-A: サルビアノール酸bを有効成分とする神経幹細胞増殖剤 patent, JP-2006119287-A: 全方位撮影用アタッチメント patent, JP-2007119536-A: Epoxy resin composition for sealing patent, JP-2008150623-A: Styrene resin film patent, JP-2008297132-A: Method for producing silicon single crystal patent, JP-2007520248-A: 体外循環を用いる血液処理装置および自動の使用済み流体排出方法 patent, JP-2007164468-A: データ復旧装置及びプログラム patent, JP-2007210282-A: Efflorescence preventing concrete block patent, JP-2008303558-A: Sand collecting equipment and sand collecting method patent, JP-2005268771-A: Gold bonding wire for semiconductor device and its method of connection patent, JP-2007163524-A: Method of manufacturing liquid crystal element patent, JP-2007308647-A: Solid drawing material patent, JP-2008211093-A: Laser annealing method or laser annealing device patent, JP-2007014102-A: Constant voltage generation circuit and sound reproducing apparatus patent, JP-2002203541-A: リチウム二次電池正極用有機−無機複合酸化物およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2007245028-A: Material having photocatalytic function and its preparing method patent, JP-2008251667-A: 発光・受光素子の冷却装置 patent, CN-101773753-A: Sealing cover for plugging damaged filter bag patent, CN-101782190-A: High-power LED (light emitting diode) lighting equipment patent, CN-101782240-A: 烘烤枪的点火喷嘴 patent, CN-101787782-A: 地板木龙骨铺设工艺 patent, CN-101789739-A: 双凸极电机移相交错角度控制方法 patent, CN-101792047-A: 一种垃圾桶 patent, CN-101803906-A: Automatic defocusing compensation human eye aberration Hartmann measuring instrument patent, CN-101805017-A: Preparation method of rutile type titanium dioxide nano particle patent, CN-101814635-A: Battery pack updating method patent, CN-101825502-A: 汽机带疏水冷却器的加热器出水及疏水温度测算方法 patent, CN-101864960-A: Carst region double-arch road tunnel construction method patent, CN-101871863-A: Test piece preparation mould special for shearing test and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101886967-A: 灯具密封性检测装置 patent, CN-101891389-A: Chrysotile tailing microcrystal glass and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101900686-A: Real-time recognition and pre-warning method for water bloom degree of water body patent, CN-101904560-A: Cutting device and method for setting up and testing the operation preparation of cutting device patent, CN-101915506-A: Annular cooler patent, CN-101920273-A: 一种连轧机辊缝测量工具、工具的制造方法以及专用模具 patent, CN-101921962-A: 一种d级抽油杆钢及其生产方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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