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CN-105598909-A: 用于密封圈的装配设备 patent, CN-105600270-A: 一种电磁式酒类物流搬运装置 patent, CN-105601588-A: N-羟乙基哌嗪联产哌嗪的合成方法 patent, CN-105601807-A: 一种水性内墙底漆用乳胶及其制备方法与应用 patent, CN-105603424-A: Si-modified beta-(Ni,Pt)Al coating and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105603803-A: 一种电商专用纸的制造方法 patent, CN-105608795-A: 自动售米机以及自动售米方法 patent, CN-105615988-A: Operating electrocoagulation forceps system patent, CN-105618912-A: 一种变极性等离子弧焊接铝合金的方法 patent, CN-105620470-A: Operation vehicle travel deflection detection and adjustment method and system patent, CN-105620481-A: Vehicle control method and system patent, CN-105632639-A: 高压输电电力电缆 patent, CN-105639737-A: 一种纤体内衣的制作方法 patent, CN-105642792-A: 定弯曲件可销、可伸缩的钢筋弯曲机 patent, CN-105643674-A: 一种环状艾条切刀 patent, CN-105649019-A: 矩形组合搅拌钻机 patent, CN-105652605-A: Regional exposure device suitable for contact type lithography machine patent, CN-105658477-A: 用于车辆座椅的空气供应装置和用于运行空气供应装置的方法 patent, CN-105676597-A: 一种掩模台平衡块合质心防飘移运动控制方法 patent, CN-105679221-A: Chromatic aberration detection method and device and terminal patent, CN-105680017-A: 一种石墨烯/聚苯胺/硫复合正极材料的制备方法 patent, CN-105684455-A: Video sharing method and system based on app patent, CN-105689201-A: 一种六自由度可调并联点胶机构 patent, CN-105691575-A: 一种园林景观用具有过载保护的清洁船 patent, CN-105694495-A: 一种环保型高抗裂改性沥青及其制备方法 patent, CN-105699154-A: 携剪试验制样装置以及制样方法 patent, CN-105699773-A: Wireless low voltage phase-check instrument patent, CN-105705342-A: 用于车辆车轮的经改善的空气动力装饰件 patent, CN-105705448-A: Presence detection of an object in a lift patent, CN-105714839-A: Construction method for well point dewatering patent, CN-105719765-A: Waterproof armored alarm cable patent, CN-105720861-A: Multi-direction broadband piezoelectric MEMS vibration energy collector and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105728573-A: Production process of impact-resistant die patent, CN-105749619-A: Inclined plate filter cloth filtering device and control method patent, CN-105751898-A: 一种车辆的踏板装置、车辆的制动系统及车辆 patent, CN-105762690-A: 一种开关柜起吊装置及方法 patent, CN-105764724-A: 用于为机动车辆的乘客舱除臭的系统 patent, CN-105766162-A: 全自动电控辨识大蒜直立播种机 patent, CN-105766982-A: Agricultural pesticide composition and purpose thereof patent, CN-105769269-A: 空心界面钉 patent, CN-105775227-A: 全自动筷子包装机 patent, CN-105779979-A: Aluminum welding wire coppering process patent, CN-105780428-A: 堵不了的干衣机布毛拦隔器 patent, CN-105780633-A: Calculation and setting-out method for road curve containing broken chains in global navigation satellite system (GNSS) measurement equipment patent, CN-105796588-A: Medicine composition containing glucosamine and used for articular cavity injection patent, CN-105819065-A: Industrial delivery tray patent, CN-105824031-A: Anti-missing device for old people patent, CN-105827331-A: 基于正交双偏振移相键控调制方法和设备 patent, CN-105831783-A: Lotus root flour granulator shaping and liquid blending device patent, CN-105831906-A: 一种北红玛瑙拼接衣饰 patent, CN-105837880-A: 一种汽车液压制动耐油橡胶皮碗胶料及其制备方法 patent, CN-105840545-A: Inducer with auxiliary process flanges reserved and machining method thereof patent, CN-105840766-A: 一种轻量型谐波减速器 patent, CN-105841592-A: Jacking axis offset measuring device and application method thereof patent, CN-105850750-A: 甜叶菊新品种814011谱星3号及高rm含量甜菊糖苷的制备 patent, CN-105858145-A: 电力工器具存取装置 patent, CN-105858625-A: Iron nitride nanowire and production method thereof patent, CN-105860145-A: 一种改性调湿材料 patent, CN-105864674-A: 光源组件 patent, CN-105866307-A: Method for detecting citrinin in Xuezhikang capsule through solid phase extraction-liquid-mass chromatography patent, CN-105874115-A: 衣物处理装置以及用于该衣物处理装置的组装方法 patent, CN-105874556-A: Multi-electrode stack arrangement patent, CN-105879808-A: Screw conveying feeding type pulsation reaction kettle patent, CN-105880462-A: Horizontal correction machine for bent pipe hinge of trunk patent, CN-105882100-A: 适用于金属圆管的氟塑料薄膜自动包覆装置 patent, CN-105889940-A: 一种垃圾焚烧炉 patent, CN-105895201-A: Cable core with acid and alkali resistance and mechanical damage resistance patent, CN-105897291-A: Scroll type solar communication equipment patent, CN-105914618-A: 一种散热防尘开关柜 patent, CN-105921109-A: 一种利用烟梗制备的生物炭、制备方法及其应用 patent, CN-105927282-A: 叶轮机构及包括其的压缩机、膨胀机构 patent, CN-105937905-A: 一种测绘支撑装置 patent, CN-105949702-A: 乒乓球用材料及其生产方法 patent, CN-105960926-A: 一种复杂地形下的高效除草机 patent, CN-105964322-A: 可调节烧杯水浴加热夹 patent, CN-105964752-A: 一种提手的压制成型设备及压制成型方法 patent, CN-105966700-A: Tool for efficiently removing protective film of article patent, CN-105971062-A: 一种净化水效率好的新型空气制水机 patent, CN-105971274-A: Overhanging support frame formwork system and construction method thereof patent, CN-105972038-A: Hand-screwed nut with auxiliary threaded holes patent, CN-105978117-A: Storage battery charger patent, CN-105985348-A: 一种溴甲基纳曲酮的制备方法 patent, CN-105990931-A: 马达绕组 patent, CN-105996567-A: 一种电动床腿部升降架 patent, CN-106001465-A: Water-cooled copper ingot cooling box patent, CN-106001714-A: Milling machine for finish machining of automobile groove type die patent, CN-106005032-A: Connecting structure of front apron and cowl patent, CN-106010132-A: Aqueous high-temperature-resistant titanium-binding-resistant coating material and application thereof patent, CN-106012742-A: 一种利用精炼炉白渣稳定化处理公路水稳层的工艺 patent, CN-106013300-A: 一种高速路边沟清扫疏通智能装备 patent, CN-106014261-A: Dth drilling machine discharging rock particles effectively and, drilling methods using the same patent, CN-106015836-A: Lined ceramic rubber hose with detachable flanges patent, CN-106017187-A: 应用于超超临界机组锅炉新型翅片管水冷壁 patent, CN-106017403-A: Detection method and system for low-altitude slow-speed small-target flight angle patent, CN-106026171-A: 风电直流汇集输电系统 patent, CN-106029184-A: Virtual golf simulation device and method providing surround sound for weather conditions patent, CN-106032029-A: A combination die steel rail arrangement technology patent, CN-106041410-A: External opening aligning machine for pipelines patent, CN-106043607-A: Self-adaptive boarding accommodation ladder for fixed wharf patent, CN-106053783-A: Quick time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay kit for detection of T cells infected with tuberculosis and detection method of kit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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