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CN-105213102-A: 一种齿轮式长度可调的耳套 patent, CN-105215646-A: Tool device for pasting adhesive tape to decorative strips and glass clamping strips of automobile patent, CN-105216295-A: Polymer super-oleophobic surface preparation method patent, CN-105219178-A: Photochromic latex paint and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105220630-A: 以不同颜色的标线作为公路行驶速度标志的方法 patent, CN-105225971-A: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, CN-105234195-A: Energy-saving steel rolling phosphorous spraying device patent, CN-105241802-A: Permeability tensor test method and anisotropy quantification assessment method for columnar jointed rock patent, CN-105245530-A: Information secure transmission agent system patent, CN-105249815-A: 设有自动化功能的烧水装置 patent, CN-105251376-A: Preparing method for nanoparticle/fiber composite membrane patent, CN-105251779-A: 一种热轧酸洗板表面氧化麻点缺陷的控制方法 patent, CN-105252197-A: Double-cylinder positioning mechanism patent, CN-105252782-A: 用于降低石头纸密度的设备 patent, CN-105256537-A: 一种涤纶面料的防晒整理剂 patent, CN-105257937-A: 一种用于水族箱的上水三通总成 patent, CN-105261109-A: Identification method of prefix letter of banknote patent, CN-105271616-A: System for deeply treating industrial wastewater through ozone combined aeration biological treatment patent, CN-105275168-A: 一种防火板及其制备方法 patent, CN-105276285-A: Building system of leap-type pipeline bridge patent, CN-105280875-A: 新型注液装置 patent, CN-105284683-A: 一种蛇鮈人工孵化的方法 patent, CN-105290324-A: Anti-deformation preparation process of large-size turbine guide vane patent, CN-105291407-A: 用于输送预制坯件的方法和装置 patent, CN-105291792-A: 玻璃的包边结构和注塑成型装置 patent, CN-105303088-A: 一种信息处理方法和电子设备 patent, CN-105306974-A: Automatic extraction method and apparatus for switching video broadcast to video-on-demand and play device patent, CN-105314297-A: 一种装载集装箱的底架 patent, CN-105315602-A: TPE for coating plastic material and preparation method of TPE patent, CN-105332835-A: Normally open type double-valve electronic control oil injection system for heavy oil patent, CN-105335611-A: 医疗pacs系统影像数据的同步方法及前置服务器 patent, CN-105339159-A: 聚合物层及其制备方法 patent, CN-105340375-A: 电磁波屏蔽膜的制造方法 patent, CN-105344998-A: Cold press for manufacturing inductors patent, CN-105350780-A: 多用途组合浇筑设备及其施工方法 patent, CN-105351287-A: Cooling mechanism for cooling hydraulic oil patent, CN-105351726-A: 一种玻璃钢板材 patent, CN-105352927-A: 一种新型嘧啶类荧光开启型光学探针材料的合成及其应用于汞离子检测的方法 patent, CN-105364140-A: 一种新型钻头 patent, CN-105364535-A: Clamping tool for machining blade groove of compressor rotor patent, CN-105366236-A: 可移动式垃圾桶 patent, CN-105366238-A: Garbage can pallet patent, CN-105366684-A: 一种降低硅线石粗精矿中铁含量的化学方法 patent, CN-105369338-A: Method for forming nano-scale porous film layer on surface of pure aluminum patent, CN-105384914-A: High-temperature-resistant ultraviolet-resistant epoxy resin prepolymer and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105384988-A: Rubber material for windshield wipers and preparation method for rubber material patent, CN-105388833-A: 一种通过s7 200plc灵活获取电站id的方法 patent, CN-105390004-A: 一种左转短车道影响的成对交叉口时空资源分配方法 patent, CN-105395230-A: 一种外翻式端端吻合器 patent, CN-105401418-A: Modification method of linen fiber patent, CN-105402287-A: Brake caliper of loading machine patent, CN-105419004-A: High-heat-conductive rubber composition, preparation method thereof and tyre patent, CN-105421422-A: π桩与矩形桩半圆锁扣设备 patent, CN-105426723-A: Voiceprint identification, face identification and synchronous in-vivo detection-based identity authentication method and system patent, CN-105433999-A: Surgery operation instrument safety device and surgery operation instrument patent, CN-105436985-A: 一种具有吸料装置的密封性高的数控机床 patent, CN-105442281-A: Particle drying cycle process patent, CN-105442436-A: 一种双向变曲率摩擦摆隔震支座 patent, CN-105442525-A: Inserting mechanism for plastic drainage plate patent, CN-105448635-A: Atomic layer etching device and atomic layer etching method using same patent, CN-105451419-A: LED lamp display and detection system patent, CN-105457512-A: 一种液体混合器 patent, CN-105461260-A: 一种聚合物改性沥青混凝土 patent, CN-105468496-A: Stress measurement method and device of terminal device patent, CN-105472802-A: 电磁热管 patent, CN-105476493-A: Toothed wooden steamer for flour steaming patent, CN-105481662-A: Method for preparing intermediate for producing difluoromethoxy containing liquid crystal compound patent, CN-105482359-A: 一种环保型结构泡沫材料及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-105483002-A: 可控剂量显微注射装置及其操作方法 patent, CN-105483358-A: 用于铸铁轧辊轧槽的处理方法 patent, CN-105484267-A: Deep-water high-flow-speed fixed-point accurate throwing and filling device and construction method patent, CN-105485787-A: 移动式多功能空气净化器 patent, CN-105500184-A: Workpiece bearing device and adjustment method thereof as well as workpiece grinding equipment patent, CN-105505132-A: 一种水性环氧树脂涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-105505412-A: 移动床热解反应器 patent, CN-105509225-A: 一种调节空气调节设备的方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-105510072-A: Water, organism and deposit collector suitable for different water environments patent, CN-105517319-A: Secondary etching double-face circuit board structure and production technology thereof patent, CN-105525358-A: 一种生产亚麻纤维用的清洗装置 patent, CN-105527627-A: 激光测距装置、摄像装置及终端 patent, CN-105527881-A: 一种指令处理方法及装置 patent, CN-105529462-A: High-performance aluminium ion battery and preparation method patent, CN-105529844-A: Permanent-magnet low-static torque low-speed three-phase alternator patent, CN-105531160-A: 安全带卷收器及安全带装置 patent, CN-105533737-A: Black garlic oral liquid containing wormwood leaf extract as well as preparation method and usage thereof patent, CN-105534244-A: Intelligent floor mat provided with air bags patent, CN-105538145-A: Grinding machine patent, CN-105538243-A: 一种握把 patent, CN-105539014-A: Solid trolley tire with layered skeleton structure and manufacturing method of solid trolley tire patent, CN-105540558-A: 一种聚合氮及其制备方法 patent, CN-105542446-A: High-fluidity and easy-injection molding PA6-PA66 composite material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105546843-A: 自然对流太阳能吸热板 patent, CN-105556337-A: Indirect reflection suppression in depth imaging patent, CN-105566820-A: Shaft end O-shaped permanent compression set resisting rubber sealing ring patent, CN-105567983-A: 一种铜冶炼过程中的烟灰处理工艺 patent, CN-105568567-A: Sewing machine and control method therefor patent, CN-105571607-A: Instruction receiving system and method patent, CN-105573978-A: 短信文本信息处理方法以及装置 patent, CN-105579687-A: Systems and methods for controlling exhaust gas flow in exhaust gas recirculation gas turbine systems patent, CN-105585449-A: Treatment method of glycerol as by-product of biodiesel patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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