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CN-101706592-B: Method for manufacturing Moire grating by directly copying metal mother set patent, CN-101707944-B: 用于呼吸设备中的患者关键的运行参数的手动输入和触觉输出的方法和装置 patent, CN-101714108-B: Synchronization control apparatus, information processing apparatus, and synchronization management method patent, CN-101716992-B: Installation method of wind pipes of clean air conditioner for ship patent, CN-101723668-B: 压电陶瓷材料的制作工艺 patent, CN-101736866-B: Curved surface light-harvesting type sunshading lighting board patent, CN-101736955-B: 全钢密封独立结构遥控汽车变速箱锁 patent, CN-101764410-B: Trigger circuit of water-cooling light-control thyristor of 66 kV patent, CN-101770821-B: Support grid having a layout of mixing blades for realizing hydraulic balance patent, CN-101772703-B: Measuring method using biosensor patent, CN-101778065-B: Method and system for mapping downlink data carriers patent, CN-101781742-B: Medium-thickness ship plate steel with ultrahigh intensity and low-temperature impact toughness and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-101789664-B: Disk wind driven generator patent, CN-101795060-B: Method for quickly evaluating reliability of hybrid integrated circuit DC/DC convertor patent, CN-101799724-B: Wireless remote control system and method thereof patent, CN-101802886-B: 车载信息提供装置 patent, CN-101805039-B: Large-powder ultraviolet water purification device patent, CN-101811919-B: Method for preparing amino acid schiff base metal complexes without solvent patent, CN-101811964-B: Method for synthesizing fatty acid methyl ester patent, CN-101812364-B: Water-soluble lubricant, method and apparatus for metal working being suitable for using the same patent, CN-101813783-B: 一种用于测试卫星导航接收机的基带芯片的方法 patent, CN-101828996-B: Wheel chair folding mechanism capable of adjusting seat width patent, CN-101842725-B: Optical element having optical adhesive layer and polarizer patent, CN-101844346-B: 电动工具 patent, CN-101845732-B: Visualization system in supercritical carbon dioxide dyeing device patent, CN-101849348-B: Electric drive and method for controlling it patent, CN-101851974-B: 一种轻质板用预制构件 patent, CN-101858396-B: 橡胶隔振器 patent, CN-101863822-B: Production method for extracting tryptophan from fermentation liquor by one-step refining patent, CN-101892531-B: Carbonization process for carbon fiber filaments and pre-heating device therefor patent, CN-101894540-B: 驱动信号产生电路及其信号产生方法 patent, CN-101898904-B: Molecular resonance plate patent, CN-101909916-B: Cooling-air-intake structure of battery patent, CN-101910430-B: Selectively leaching cobalt from lateritic ores patent, CN-101911807-B: 无线机、无线通信系统以及无线电波的检测方法 patent, CN-101916192-B: Multi-language switching method and device for user interface patent, CN-101922671-B: Adjustable-light allochroic bulb patent, CN-101924711-B: 具有基于不在办公室的出席的方法、设备和系统 patent, CN-101925485-B: Full memory I-disk patent, CN-101926054-B: Electrical terminal having improved insertion characteristics and electrical connector for use therewith patent, CN-101929088-B: Waste paper pulping method patent, CN-101942315-B: High-proportion coal blending and coking method patent, CN-101944902-B: Pulse width modulation-based tracking integral circuit and control method thereof patent, CN-101945329-B: Method and system for implementing point-to-point position-based positioning of mobile terminals patent, CN-101948018-B: Cartoning push rod device for automatic cartoner patent, CN-101949628-B: 冰箱 patent, CN-101956884-B: 管道排气噪声半主动控制装置 patent, CN-101958782-B: 一种实现节点备份的方法及系统 patent, CN-101959203-B: 包括宏蜂窝基站和家用基站的lte网络无线通信方法 patent, CN-101968466-B: 气相色谱法一次进样分析大气中氧化亚氮、二氧化碳 patent, CN-101968502-B: Testing needle bed and method for testing tape carrier package (TCP) driving chip by utilizing same patent, CN-101970526-B: Epoxy resin composition and molded object patent, CN-101970586-B: Modified pigments having reduced phosphate release, and dispersions and inkjet ink compositions therefrom patent, CN-101973470-B: Method for eliminating thread interruption in work station of cross-winding machine and cross-winding machine work station patent, CN-101974576-B: Method for producing salt-free compound amino acid powder from combination of sesame seed meal and soybean meal patent, CN-101978775-B: 加热器支架以及包括该加热器支架的电炉盘 patent, CN-101981670-B: Selective formation of dielectric etch stop layers patent, CN-101982738-B: 用于检测危化品运输工况的实验系统 patent, CN-101982836-B: Mark point identification initializing method based on principal components analysis (PCA) in motion capture system patent, CN-101983080-B: Tight-sealing cap for liquid drug-expelling part patent, CN-101985216-B: 双头螺丝起子 patent, CN-101986211-B: Image forming device and power consumption control method in an image forming device patent, CN-102008678-B: Chinese medicinal preparation for treating fatty liver patent, CN-102009159-B: Casting method of water-cooling aluminum engine base embedded with support patent, CN-102052440-B: Transmission device capable of preventing reversion patent, CN-102066027-B: Device and method for boring center hole of crankshaft patent, CN-102066085-B: Profile extrusion method with reduced die build-up and extruded article prepared thereby patent, CN-102074161-B: 一种金属线缆信息显示系统 patent, CN-102075210-B: Method and base station for detecting distance between mobile stations in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access (OFDMA) system patent, CN-102082368-B: 一种电连接器 patent, CN-102096043-B: Platform and method for testing life of motors patent, CN-102109478-B: Method for testing heat of calorimeter patent, CN-102133659-B: Plastic composite tubular product sample cutting machine for steel wire gauze framework patent, CN-102140366-B: 一种铂铼重整催化剂的初始反应方法 patent, CN-102142662-B: 用于直升机展放引导绳的放线机构及引线铺设辅助机构 patent, CN-102145247-B: 溶剂循环吸收法烟气脱硫中脱硫溶剂的净化工艺 patent, CN-102153638-B: 控制水稻不定根伸长和叶片颜色基因OsCHR4及应用 patent, CN-102162178-B: 魔术贴自动剪切馈送机 patent, CN-102164000-B: 使用展频码的盲信号分离 patent, CN-102166263-B: 一种治疗脊髓型颈椎病的复方制剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-102169769-B: Conductive contact surface performance online diagnosing and repairing system and using method thereof patent, CN-102172730-B: 一种密封件专用不锈钢卷带成型机 patent, CN-102173297-B: 铁路路轨位移量误差修正检测方法 patent, CN-102174385-B: 无菌器械透气包装材料阻菌性测试仪 patent, CN-102175754-B: New method for analyzing non-conductor material by utilizing glow discharge mass spectrum patent, CN-102181657-B: 铝镁合金打渣剂、生产铝镁合金铸锭的方法及铝镁合金铸锭 patent, CN-102182989-B: 用于背光模块的固定机构及背光模块 patent, CN-102187530-B: Latch assembly for a connector patent, CN-102187741-B: Lower electrode assembly of plasma processing chamber patent, CN-102193816-B: 一种设备分配方法及系统 patent, CN-102194496-B: 一体式盘片驱动模块 patent, CN-102237288-B: Method for detecting surface passivation effect of GaN field effect transistor patent, CN-102240531-B: 一种植物细胞微球及其应用 patent, CN-102243905-B: High-speed data cable with anti-electromagnetic interference patent, CN-102247720-B: High-dryness filter and method patent, CN-102251648-B: 一种墙壁保温装饰板的安装方法 patent, CN-102253078-B: Calorific value calculation formula creation system, method of creating calorific value calculation formula, calorific value measurement system and method of measuring calorific value patent, CN-102253473-B: 一种低成本的高分辨率光学变焦镜头 patent, CN-102269736-B: Automatic identification method for sound source distribution areas in tank bottom corrosion acoustic emission detection patent, US-5100353-A: Electromagnetic marker float release patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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