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CN-105939824-A: Shaving blade cartridge, shaver comprising such shaving blade cartridge and method of manufacturing such shaving blade cartridge patent, CN-105951127-A: Aluminum oxide concentration control method based on aluminum electrolytic cell patent, CN-105971111-A: Solar balcony for domestic water system and installing method thereof patent, CN-105977394-A: Flexible OLED device and packaging method therefor patent, CN-105984381-A: 车辆开门警报系统 patent, CN-105985551-A: Method for preparing solution polymerized epoxidized rubber/white carbon black composite material patent, CN-106003732-A: Small part 3D printer patent, CN-106003997-A: 一种贴膜折弯机构 patent, CN-106007490-A: 一种用不合格废胎胶粉橡胶沥青加工路面混合料的方法 patent, CN-106029409-A: Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system for a hybrid vehicle patent, CN-106064823-A: Modification method of SAPO-34 molecular sieve patent, CN-106084436-A: 一种环保型汽车隔音隔热材料及其加工方法 patent, CN-106086776-A: Method for preparing iron nitride magnetic powder through low-temperature plasma nitriding patent, CN-106087091-A: Menthone-modified cellulose fiber and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106087114-A: 一种氧化石墨烯纤维及其制备方法 patent, CN-106091019-A: Firewood and coal dual-purpose cooking range applicable to large-size cookware patent, CN-106115884-A: 一种高效污水处理剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106141514-A: 焊机水箱 patent, CN-106183544-A: 粉笔套 patent, CN-106189635-A: 防水涂料 patent, CN-106193836-A: Reliable locking mechanism of electronic intelligent door lock patent, CN-106243867-A: 一种散热涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106263924-A: 一种改良结构的桌布 patent, CN-106276801-A: Production equipment and technology for anhydrous hydrogen fluoride patent, CN-106282578-A: Method for recovering noble metal from waste noble metal catalyst patent, CN-106284370-A: Single-pillar joist system for intra-building supporting patent, CN-106321318-A: Starting control system and control method of automobile engine patent, CN-106343939-A: 电子支气管镜 patent, CN-106363778-A: 一种陶瓷膏体材料低温挤压自由成形装置 patent, CN-106366372-A: Anti-wear rubber and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106415807-A: Using high resolution full die image data for inspection patent, CN-106420106-A: 喷头组件、3d打印设备和喷头组件的喷口位置调节方法 patent, CN-106437998-A: 一种风扇轴部件 patent, CN-106441563-A: Composition, film, preparation method and detection method for detecting intensity of ultraviolet light patent, CN-106443039-A: 用于转移液体样品的系统和方法 patent, CN-106449267-A: 堵头、绝缘拉杆组件及其防护方法、灭弧室 patent, CN-106463221-A: 浪涌吸收元件 patent, CN-106585920-A: 一种漂浮式水面光伏方阵的入水施工装置 patent, CN-106601452-A: 低噪声增强型非晶变压器 patent, CN-106623563-A: Automatic hot press for label patent, CN-106635110-A: 一种农林废弃物微波催化热裂解制备富含酚类、醇类液体产物的方法 patent, CN-106635200-A: Methanol gasoline efficient composite additive and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106647910-A: 一种用于超低功耗基准源的启动电路 patent, CN-106682430-A: Method and system for evaluation based on scenes patent, CN-106698502-A: 复合纳米纤维的方法 patent, CN-106830030-A: Method for safely and efficiently producing sand-like alumina from aluminum ash patent, CN-106966294-A: Double-electric-hoist trolley and crane patent, GB-2119628-A: Tobacco paste cigarette additive and cigarette comprising same patent, GB-2123410-A: New derivatives of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene, process for their preparation and associated pharmaceutical compositions patent, GB-2126504-A: Apparatus for transmitting motion to work-supporting tables of machine tools and the like patent, GB-2137552-A: Reducing residual strain in extruded and roller ceramic plates patent, GB-2138937-A: Thermal actuator especially for fluid-flow valves patent, GB-2139194-A: Apparatus for multiplemode sorting of sheets patent, GB-2139953-A: Two-way envelope patent, GB-2140971-A: Anti-interference condenser patent, GB-2144457-A: Wire rope patent, GB-2147165-A: Dynamic range control patent, GB-2153749-A: Stabilized jack-up mobile offshore drilling platform patent, GB-2154601-A: Process for the preparation of hydrocarbons patent, GB-2162907-A: A crankshaft bearing for use in a internal-combustion patent, GB-2168581-A: Fishing cage patent, GB-2168788-A: Valve device for handling materials patent, GB-2172876-A: Apparatus for dispensing drinks patent, GB-2175857-A: Steering device for series mounted wheel sets of a vehicle, particularly crane vehicles patent, GB-2193420-A: Apparatus for distributing entertainment to subscribers patent, GB-2196985-A: Regulable COS cell expression systems patent, GB-2200230-A: Carry-save propagate adder patent, GB-2210204-A: Vacuum circuit interrupter with axial magnetic arc transfer mechanism patent, GB-2219627-A: Nozzles for in-cylinder fuel injection patent, GB-2239642-A: Microlight aircraft patent, GB-2240883-A: Antennas patent, GB-2247525-A: Optical long-path gas monitoring apparatus using wavelength modulation patent, GB-2249651-A: Security system patent, GB-2254061-A: Device for immobilising a vehicle patent, GB-2260604-A: Fluid heating device patent, GB-2266293-A: Head support for a coffin patent, GB-2280420-A: Storage and transport pallet patent, GB-2284632-A: Glazing bead fixing pin patent, GB-2284962-A: Network system patent, GB-2289085-A: Spring assisted rising butt hinge patent, GB-2297230-A: Apparatus for and method of destroying syringe needles patent, GB-2298571-A: Durable patient chair patent, GB-2300746-A: Currency discriminators patent, GB-2301544-A: Surface polishing patent, GB-2302826-A: Exhaust Gas Filter patent, GB-2306156-A: Suitcase having casters patent, GB-2308063-A: Two phase sun protection product patent, GB-2308349-A: A paper sack with a tear strip patent, GB-2317578-A: Wall bracket for play apparatus patent, GB-2323024-A: Mophead patent, GB-2325493-A: Jet engine hydromechanical fuel control system with variable delivery pump patent, GB-2326067-A: Error correction in a digital transmission system patent, GB-2326125-A: Process and device for cooling and, optionally,calibrating of objects made of plastic patent, GB-2329606-A: Method of producing film with through-holes patent, GB-2332390-A: Polymeric films patent, GB-2337461-A: Formulations for topicval administration patent, GB-2338070-A: Determining gas flow in an internal combustion engine patent, GB-2340007-A: Three Dimensional Image Processing patent, GB-2343331-A: Base station signals to switch mobile terminals out of a power saving mode to ensure that its own power budget is not exceeded patent, GB-2343682-A: Manufacturing method of sintered compact machine component having inner and outer part patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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